Homer keeps threatening the cat burglar. This scene, however, is included in the original broadcast. This makes his later appearance meaningless. (cue full blown chaos) The deleted scene where Homer hitches a ride in the back of a sausage truck. A promotional image for this episode features Max Davis as a demon. Bond plays poker with an evil man and Homer was the dealer. The Simpsons Movie is a 2007 theatrical film adaptation of, well, The Simpsons.Production was famously stuck in Development Hell for most of the series' run, with the film having been commissioned around 2001 and movie plans going back as far as the episode "Kamp Krusty" in 1992.. Barbra Streisand was mentioned in this episode where Homer was an artist, he was mad at the Oscars for always snubbing her. After Lisa finds out that Homer and Marge have hidden from her the fact that there are private prep schools in Springfield, Bart tells her that they were just looking out for her, thereby revealing that he also knew about it. (#2) Moe Szyslak puts a gas tube down a dolphin's blow hole during the humans vs. dolphin war. It's easy, free, and your work on the wiki can be attributed to you. He jumps to the floor, still wearing the armor torso, walks and falls over and says that he bit his tongue. Marge tells everyone to feed the piggy bank money so that they can save up for a family vacation to Japan. Looking in the book "Encyclopedia of lies" he tells her that he has tetanus. Cyclops runs away and the five men escape in their ship. Bart pulls his shorts down in front of Artie Ziff. They said on the commentary that they had to take out an entire plotline about how Bart is jealous of Milhouse getting spoiled by his parents after the divorce. After Marge and Homer hugged. By Alison Willmore Waylon Smithers, Jr. tries to shoot it but to no effect, and Mr. Burns, Smithers and Bart take cover in the mansion before it explodes. When Homer is shown answering phones that are constantly ringing, he picks up and answers "Hello? Another deleted scene, according to Bill Oakely, which is not included on DVD or anywhere else, has Bart, Nelson, Milhouse and Martin eating a TGI Friday's buffet which he says was only "moderately funny in most loose definition". Deleted scene 149 "22 Short Films About Springfield" Maggie: Girls Season 8. a picture of Silas Simpson and Jim Simpson was shown in this episode. A scene was cut but re-made into the DVD season pack where Professor Frink visits Homer's hospital room with a plan to create a shrinking submarine and plans to travel inside the Coma-ridden Homer by entering his rectum. In a promotional video for this episode, Bart says, "A bag of poop, is not a deadly weapon". He then started to argue with Pettigrew about who should make the order. Homer wakes up in the middle of the night and goes to the kitchen where he is served a sandwich by Sideshow Bob. A deleted scene from this episode shows Principal Skinner and his mother visiting the ring toss booth while Homer and Bart run it. When Homer was with Cletus in his car, Homer saw that Cletus had a tick behind his ear. The feminists throw a flaming trashcan is thrown through Peter's window. He proclaims to be closer to God than Bart will ever be. Please improve the article, or discuss the issue on the talk page. Buck McCoy shows the Simpson Family a movie with himself starring as a singing cowboy. In Night of the Dolphin  After the people dived in the water to play with Snorky, Chief Wiggum arrives and tells them to stop because he's got cutsies then Ralph begins to touch Snorky's blowhole then he told his father that Snorky liked it then Chief Wiggum takes Ralph home to wash his finger. Homer then gets asleep and speaks while having a weird dream that ends with Homer saying "Thanks Aquaman!". The credits for the 1997 version also had several differences. Wikisimpsons has a Discord server! Apu wears a wig. 7 ... Top 10 Simpsons Movie Scenes. The Simpsons Movie was no different; however, due to the massive amount of publicity it received and the number of clips that surfaced in the form of teasers and trailers, there was a lot more than most productions. Originally Stephanie Brockman was going to be featured in this episode. After boarding up the damages to the church caused by Homer and Bart's model rocket (which is labelled HJS), Reverend Lovejoy annonces the culprit: Hassan Jay Salam who is being arrested by the police outside the church. There was a scene not included in the finished episode, in which Itchy & Scratchy animators are seen observing a cat, and then putting a stick of dynamite in the cat's mouth and lighting it. Marge screamed, but Lisa told her that it's just Chester. A flashback that shows that Grandpa has reasons to show grudge against Bart. He says that there were many violent crimes, crazy times, many locals have died, many have been gone and many other townspeople also passed on, too. Cleuts took Chester back to his ear and told Chester that his dance was with the one who brought him there. This scene is only available in a promotional video. Krusty showing a book involving him doing different sexually explicit positions and him playing a person with haemorrhoids and after haemorrhoids. Here we have noted all the lines, scenes and even plot twists that were cut from the movie. Greta says that she understands, then hangs up the phone and tells her father that she is not going out tonight. He is making a reservation to a resturant. She asks him if he was with a woman, he says no, then she asks for a bath, followed by mad laughing and a close-up of their Psycho-parody house. In another deleted scene after the Simpson's house was changed into various things, Kodos says the foolsih time traveling earthling named Homer was making his pathetic actions that will alter the universe forever then they start laughing until their spaceship was put on fire where they scream in the process with Kang telling Kodos not to blame herself because there was no way to foresee that. Homer is eating a huge meal while explaining to Lisa that he's not dying. The Simpsons Movie appears in an aspect ratio of approximately 2.35:1 on this single-sided, double-layered DVD; the image has been enhanced for 16X9 televisions. Bart accepted the idea but told Milhouse that if it leads to Narnia, he's going out of there as "that place is for wussies". Lionel Hutz returned with a pizza box, believing he lost the case. An extension of James Woods' job interview. Homer invites Peter to stay at his house. Marge told Lisa then that she knew everybody and Chester jumped off her arm to the ground. Later Bart has to sleep in Lisa's room because Apu has taken his. This Is an Ode to the Best Movie Ending of the Year On the bittersweet pleasures of watching Mads Mikkelsen dance in 2020. \"Help Wanted\" - In the original 1997 version of the pilot, there was a different opening with fast-paced action sequence music and colorful paintings of SpongeBob. Marge's and Moe's All-time favourite singer. Buck McCoy shoots and hits a fire extinguisher and a cue card held by a stagehand. The gossip was also different, while the conversation between Moe and Lenny was about Groundskeeper Willie, Helen and Luann's conversation was about Marge and Jacques.. Bart and Lisa had a dialogue in this episode. Homer on board the plane. Bart and the author of the "For Dummies" books where Bart tricks the author into thinking he is a bank and gives the man potato chips as money. During Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky's funeral, Jeffery Albertson says that it is the worst funeral that he ever live tweeted. Homer and Marge are in bed, and Homer says that "Little Homer" needs attention and reveals a small doll from under the blanket. Chief Wiggum hangs up the phone and says to himself "Gees it's one cuckoo after another. Homer at a guided tour at the university. In the scene Granny told Elly May that she had some bad news, Jethro Bodine ate her monkey. Sharpness seemed immaculate. A lengthy scene at the beginning of the show where Bart rushes to do everything he planned on doing during summer vacation was cut for time. The scene ends with The Preacher entering the fight. Mona Simpson read Homer tGravity's Rainbow as a good night story. One of the pre-release images for this episode have Marge appearing on living room along with Bart. Two of them were repurposed into the short. Dearly Departed: It is revealed that Police Officer Eddie is actually working for Fat Tony, and mobster Louie is actually working for the Springfield Police Department. Which Marge tells Bart to leave Satan alone. He is caught by the law who tells Bart that he is the only authorized person to drive the vehicle, and he continues to drive the car. The deleted scenes have a combined running time of nearly 3 hours and even included a few secnes of Kelsey Grammer playing Sideshow Bob, Minnie Driver playing a patronizing grievance counselor, plus Erin Brockovich and Isla Fisher playing unknown roles. In a deleted scene, termites can be seen between the top floor, ground floor and basement. ", which makes her drop all the instruments. (#1) Dr. Julius Hibbert fighting with hypodermics. Ned tells Ginger his plans for their day: Church, a brisk power walk and a movie about church. "Hello? Marge compares the thrill of excitement of the Demolition Derby to being inside the washer with an unbalanced load. Bart and Milhouse look into "Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Strange New Feelings" trying to find out why Bugs Meany is taking long showers. Kirk lavishes presents on Milhouse and when Bart asks for some water, Kirk shouts, "I'm trying to spend time with my kid, here!" Bart encountering Sherri and Terri as the ghosts of the previous caretaker's daughters, similar to Danny Torrance in The Shining. Homer and Marge took Santa's Little Helper to the center to find out why the dog is a coward. He shows photos of how the citizens were. When the dome surrounded Springfield, he reported that there was no more weather so all of the crops were dying. Related: 25 Simpsons Theories So Crazy They May Be True. Some of these scenes were cut due to their violent implications, such as Bart shooting Santa Claus, while others made fun of mental health. Before the movie, Burns points out the fire exits. Join to talk about the wiki, Simpsons and Tapped Out news, or just to talk to other users. (#3) Kent Brockman is talking about intelligent Italians on threat by the dolphins. Homer runs away and the robot goes haywire, Singing Shake,Shake Shake. The people were a distopia, a utopia and then an ortopia. The Simpson family and Apu watching an Indian film on TV and Homer describing the differences between the actors' and Homer's clothes and laughing about it. Note: Marge's voice is quite off in the deleted scene. The SpongeBob characters come up from the ocean to get revenge for what Springfield has done. Damn straight!” However, he quickly gets bored and leaves. (Later, Sesame Workshop.). Marge described Homer as a turtle for it was an animal psychologist they were talking to. It ends up with Dalrymple fulfilling the order. Krusty talks about telling a joke about Mayor Quimby as Mayor Quimby walks in with his wife. Ralph was to appear in the "First Christmas" segment. Burn's first name. Inside the church, Bart notices a Skybox currently occupied by The Rich Texan. Bart is trying to sell his soul to the Devil for a Formula-One race car, and changed his mind. Instead of him acknowledging the fact that he can't drive his car without them, he says that the biggest problem with them being gone is the fact that he can't scratch his ball to his satisfaction. He goes back to his bed before he realises that they don't have a maid. (House of Whacks) When Marge calls the Police, Chief Wiggum is having some trouble with the Robocops who want to know where their money went. An alternate/deleted scene that was available on one of the trailers with Marge and Reverent Lovejoy were looking at the brief footage of Grandpa when he got his vision. Sideshow Phil was mentioned in a deleted scene. In another deleted scene, Bart is seeing some trouble at Springfield Elementary. A waitress serves Jell-O shots to Gloria, Burns and Homer. Robby then came and told them that he is really sorry about the cake and wondered if they needed more C-notes? Homer says they will do it tomorrow. A scene was cut featuring 8-Bit Homer on a Donkey Kong-like stage. ("Bart and Homer's Excellent Adventure") Bart pulls his pants down in front of Artie Ziff. The bullies are pushing Principal Skinner around, and Bart grabs Skinner and flies him… to a volcano. Black Dracula and Blackula deleted scene. Also, in the promo, Frink asks Homer is he can fit in a large flight suit. The woman says that he 'sounds like school dance material'. There was also another ending with gravy, but then changed to fish guts. 'Fraid not." Russ Cargill's character went through many changes over the course of his development. The clips feature many deleted scenes from various episodes as well as a look back with James Brooks! Bart is trying to sell his soul to the Devil for a Formula-One race car, and then changed his mind. One Brain. Sigfrid & Roy catch one of their white tigers (alternate version). The IMAX theatre has some "special effects". In the first airing, the final minute of the episode was cut, ending after. In Homer's garage, Lenny plays "Devil's Advocate" pinball machine. There was a cut gag where a homeless man would ramble about peanut butter in front of a store. Bart and Lisa had a dialogue in this episode. An official tells Marge that they don't just let a house wife in the derby but then sees her entry form. (Attack of the 50 Foot Eyesores)" Kang and Kodos arrive in their flying saucer and commentate on the chaos they're making. In another deleted scene the Simpsons's house changes into various things, and one of the original designs was the house made entirely of squirrels. Hans Moleman has been robbed and Grandpa Simpson has been locked inside his room. The woman says that he 'sounds like school dance material'. He only needs combing and wiping. While being taken away by guards, the fool explains that the joke was "a thinker" and that Prince Hamlet will be laughing on the way home. 7 . Homer tells Robby that they are good. They were also going to be hit by blood and laugh. Marge says that Lisa wasn't ugly she was beautiful, but continues her sentences saying her head was just a little misshaped. "Hello? There was originally a song featured in this episode called ". Moe points out that it's illegal to run a bar in a private residence but Homer explains that he's running a hunting club and shows Moe a book explaining the law. In a promotional video for this episode, Bart says, "A bag of poop, is not a deadly weapon". Then Nelson gives Lisa a baby ("Our love created it somehow."). Skinner going back to his mother. This scene included in the promotional video, where Ralph was saying "My name is Ralph and I approved this mess! Another scene from the original promo for the episode has Homer shouting at Bart. And eats rats, served by Marge, The deleted scene also makes a reference to the episode ", Mr. Lisa plays mini golf on Artie's boat "The PaZIFFic Princess". Edna Krabappel (scenes deleted) Russi Taylor: Martin Prince: Maggie Roswell: Helen Lovejoy: Miss Hoover: Phil Rosenthal: TV Dad Billie Joe Armstrong: Green Day (Themselves) Frank Edwin Wright III: Michael Pritchard: Joe Mantegna: Fat Tony: Tom Hanks: Himself Itchy sews Scratchy back together, then gives Scratchy the medical bill. (#4) Abraham Simpson bursts out of the dolphin and participating in the Springfield's battle against the dolphins. He shows photos of how the citizen were. Scenes including Russ Cargill and Frank Grimes appear becoming a large ghost. The musician's ghost tells King Hamlet that he has to go to the bathroom. Lisa suggest to Miss Hoover that the children should return to the classroom. Please upload and add an appropriate image, or discuss the issue on the talk page. Also, Bart sings to the. The second attempt succeeds, but Homer crashes the car into the house. However, the scene was cut in the full version of this episode. Lisa imagining what life with Nelson would be like. This is a list of deleted scenes from The Simpsons episodes. Since landing on Peacock, several deleted scenes and other exclusives have been released, including a cold open based on the popular 1999 sci-fi film, The Matrix. No, can't help ya." The Simpsons prepare to go to the stadium inauguration without Grampa. The Office may have ended back in 2013, but it's had a resurgence in 2021 thanks to Peacock. Scenes filmed for The Muppets, but cut from the film before release. Bart then skates down another hall and sees Patty and Selma, who tell him, "They're right, y'know." Barney remind Moe that he's the one who wearing his diaper. Bond" and his employees grab Bond and drag him out of the casino. A deleted scene had Homer buying anti-stress instruments. In an original promo for the episode, there was a scene where Bart eats French chocolates. There was originally a dream sequence in which Bart points a machine gun at. Moe is then heard saying, "Oh, look at the cat, he put sugar all over the place", A pornographic short film made by the residents of Springfield Retirement Castle, What the Pool Boy Saw, featuring Jasper Beardsley and Mrs. Glick. Moe explains that he's changing his bar back to how it was but catches the smell of beer and Lenny and enters the garage to find Carl and Barney sitting at the bar. Film/TV. The Simpsons Movie. The showrunner for the fifth production season was David Mirkin who executive produced 20 episodes. (#2) Moe Szyslak puts a gas tube down a dolphin's blow hole during the humans vs. dolphin war. At the power plant, Homer turns Mr Burns’ chair around and says, “Who’s the boss now! In Scary Tales Can Come True, After Lisa told Marge that were oafs Homer says that can't get along without him asking them who will blunder into a tree or tumble into a dumb wagon then his self esteem was tied up to that job. Grandpa as a woman goes on a canoe trip with Jasper.

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