Who is enzo? Despite his most recent actions, Stefan loves Caroline and vice-versa. If i’m not wrong and can remember, it goes something like this… Alaric used the Gilbert Ring to bring him back from the dead a lot. To explain the character's absence in Legacies, it was revealed in Season 1 that she is currently traveling the … answer this question The Vampire Diaries TV Show Question. After becoming a vampire at the start of season 4, Elena grows apart from Stefan, and her feelings for Damon intensify. Who is Caroline marry? However, this simple concept is rendered void when the vampire Caroline Forbes gets pregnant with twins in Season 7. Caroline is not the same woman she was when The Vampire Diaries first premiered in 2009. The Vampire Diaries' final season was its darkest, with Damon and Stefan harvesting souls for the Devil. 1883 1883. It is easier to get into a vampire's head if they don’t drink human blood or convince humans to become a vampire. Katie (45810) 1105 days ago Vampire Diaries: Is Caroline's [Spoiler] the Show's Craziest Twist of All Time? 1864 1864. Pregnancy is never easy (or so I've been told), but the pregnancy problems that Caroline is going through on The Vampire Diaries are on a whole different level on the stress scale. Background . does Caroline know that Stefan and Damon are vampires??? Logan Fell was a news reporter at WPKW9 in Mystic Falls and the ex-boyfriend ofJenna Sommers. RELATED: The Vampire Diaries: The Best Moments From The 10 Highest Ranked Episodes On IMDb. So, where is Caroline while all of this danger is going on? Caroline has always had superior vampire skills compared to the rest of Salvatore and co. Nadia petrova. The relationship between the cured vampire doppelgänger, Stefan Salvatore and the vampire, Caroline Forbes. What happens at the end to stefan? 5,384,250 viewers Become a Fan. She killed herself She decided to save Matt and not her and she had vampire blood in her system Jeremy accidentally shot her Caroline Stabbed her Stefan snapped her neck 3 Who does Damon fall in love with? Elizabeth is the person who Caroline loves the … Caroline was a seventeen year old girl whom got caught up in the supernatural world by getting turned into a vampire by the hands of Katherine Pierce. By Andy Swift / November 13 2015, 10:28 AM PST Courtesy of The CW. However, Elizabeth soon accepted her daughter and their relationship has become much stronger since then. How did Elena die and become a vampire? Sometime in their first relationship, Logan had cheated on her with another woman named Monica, an act that he later said he regretted. But their coupling is short-lived when Caroline and Stefan become convinced Elena's suffering from a case of the sire bond. Caroline has become a vampire and awakens in the hospital craving blood. Let's start off with an easy one: Did Elena or Caroline become a vampire first? When Caroline became a vampire at the beginning of Season 2, she remembered everything Damon did to her as a human. Elena « » Log in or sign up. Correct! The headstrong blonde vampire is not someone who would just uproot her life and leave her family behind. This storyline is confusing at best. I really felt like Stefan’s memory was important to protect,” Julie explained. This is a story about a girl named Caroline Forbes. she knew that Damon was a vamp but did he erase that memory?? -» The Vampire Diaries 20 Questions - Developed by: Tamara - Developed on: 2020-06-28 - 9,329 taken - 9 people like it Only true fans will get 100% on this quiz. When Elena becomes a vampire, however, the entire Mystic Falls gang devote themselves to finding the cure as the doppelganger refuses to accept her new undead status. Originally meant to be used as a sacrifice to lift Klaus' curse, she became klaus friend. It's her first day as a vampire. Elizabeth and Josette Eliza and Jane Lizzie and Josie 8 Which girl did Damon kiss first on the show? Instead of disturbing the established notion that vampires can’t procreate, the makers of The Vampire Diaries found a loophole that works brilliantly to explain this impossible twist. Caroline Anna April Young Elena 6 How many seasons does TVD has? In The Vampire Diaries, Caroline is turned into a vampire early on by Damon, and towards the end, she and Stefan even become a couple.However, in the books, Caroline becomes a werewolf after she gets pregnant with Tyler Lockwood. Anna Vicki Caroline Bonnie Elena 4 What is Tyler Lockwood? Because once Caroline and Stefan found love and got married and she lost him, it never really felt right to have Caroline move past Stefan’s memory to go travel the world for all eternity with Klaus Mikaelson, as much as they have a connection and a powerful bond. Nora and Mary-Louise Enzo and Bonnie Alaric and Jo 7 What are the names of the children Caroline have birth to? i can't make it out. 1901 1901. … This episode is called "Brave New World" and it debuted on September 16th, 2010. In the Season 6’s penultimate episode, Kai escapes from the 1903 prison world the … Growing to learn and control her vampire nature, she became a better person and one of the strongest vampires ever known to exist. Later Caroline started dating Stefan's brother, Damon. Vampire Vampire Hunter Hybrid Heretic Witch 5 Who does Stefan marry? Tyler catches Mason searching for a moonstone, which is a family heirloom. Happy viewing! Damon at the end and stefan in the beginning. Damons friend in a weird torture place by elenas father. elena does have 3 doppelgangers but tatia is from the originals and this is a Vampire diaries quiz. My new video about my favourite character in the Vampire Diaries, Сaroline Forbes. Wrong! Someone shot her She got into a car accident Her neck was snapped Someone drowned her 3 Katherine's lover in season 2 is? Bonnie planned to give it to Enzo St. John, but Caroline Forbes and Damon wanted it to defeat Cade. Mason Tyler Stefan Damon Klaus 4 Who does Caroline eventually end up with? Test your knowledge on how well you really think you know The Vampire Diaries! WATCH IN HD! He gives the cure to damon so damon becomes human and stefan dies. The mother-daughter relationship between the vampire Caroline Forbes and the human Elizabeth Forbes was strained when the series began and after Caroline had become a vampire, Elizabeth was horror-filled at what her daughter had become. Stefan Alaric Klaus Tyler 5 Who does Jeremy meet in the library? Stefan turned in 1864, which means he'd be 173 today! Instead of disturbing the established notion that vampires can’t procreate, the makers of The Vampire Diaries found a loophole that works brilliantly to explain this impossible twist. Caroline does, the witches to the genesis covenant put them in her. Caroline awakes to find she has become a vampire in the second episode of the second season. However, this simple concept is rendered void when the vampire Caroline Forbes gets pregnant with twins in Season 7. This episode is called "Brave New World" and it debuted on September 16th, 2010. Only one dose of the Cure could be extracted from Elena at a time. Their relationship at first wasn't very strong. 2×02 “Brave New World” Since Caroline is a newly turned vampire, she wakes up in the hospital craving blood. Who is Katherines daughter? Caroline and Alaric move to Texas and become a family, where Caroline quickly steps into the motherly role. if she still remember about the vamp stuff does she know that Elena and Bonnie know??? In European folklore , vampires are undead creatures that often visited loved ones and caused mischief or deaths in the neighborhoods they inhabited while they were alive. ... Who does Caroline become a surrogate for? A vampire is a creature from folklore that subsists by feeding on the vital essence (generally in the form of blood) of the living. Episode 11, "You Made a Choice to Be Good," introduced new and inconsistent information about the Cure. But, when Stefan has Jeremy kill a vampire, those instincts become more powerful, leading to Jeremy nearly killing Elena at the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant. How does Elena Become a Vampire? She steals a blood bag and drinks it, completing her transition. Stefan. But there would obviously be consequences because of nature having to do something with “balance”. In Season One, Caroline felt an attraction for Stefan, but he rejected her immediately because he was interested in Elena. Caroline. Who loves elena? Caroline awakes to find she has become a vampire in the second episode of the second season. She has been best friends with Elena Gilbert and Bonnie Bennett since childhood and is also childhood friends with Matt Donavan, Tyler Lockwood and many others. 1846 1846. Between that … While living together, Alaric begins to fall for Caroline. He proposes to her and, even though she does not love him back, she accepts his proposal, hoping that this is a positive thing for their family. RELATED: The Vampire Diaries: 10 Hidden Details About Elena's Costume You Didn't Notice Stefan saves her after Damon attempted to kill her. Overall, Caroline is happier as a vampire, seeing she has now become a better person. When Caroline becomes a vampire in Season 2, she has no choice but to adjust to her transition. Meanwhile, Elena agrees with Damon much more than usual about everything from a dress to Jeremy's whereabouts. Bonnies lover. When The Vampire Diaries Season 6 … Then there's the whole Caroline thing to factor in. Caroline grew up in the town of Mystic Falls and is the daughter of Elizabeth and Bill Forbes. At the carnival, Damon compels a boy named Carter to pick a fight with Tyler to provoke one of Tyler's bursts of anger. If there were ever a reason to be happy about Julie Plec never really killing characters on The Vampire Diaries , Alaric Saltzman's return is it. What year did Stefan become a vampire? Mason breaks up the fight using his supernatural abilities, proving that he is a werewolf.