The 18 inch barrel allows for swift maneuverability. After we had it sighted in, we shot this group at 100 yards. I have added a single point tactical sling with rubberized pull straps and a stainless quick release swivel. OK I guess I am yapping pretty good here but the WINDHAM COMPANY Formally Bush master is a good firearm and no troubles to speak off yet. It also has a QD sling mount on both sides. The various scarcities (and shifts in political power) meant many bought whatever they could get and at artificially inflated prices. Couldn’t agree more with the kudo’s for the Windham Arms rifles. The basic configuration of the rest of the gun invites a lot of customization. I used to HATE the platform and still dislike its constant nagging need for maintenance as I am a long time AK47 nut, but for a rifle that shoots a round only potent enough to reliably kill a racoon at least the AR is a fun rifle to shoot. No jams, malfunction’s but very high quality firearm! This upgrade makes the gun much more versatile and eliminates the need for the fixed front sight. It may be the best market in recent memory. Read my DB15 pistol review here. You can buy them almost anywhere an AR is sold as well as online. And I’d like to think that I could thread a needle with the Nikon P-223 AR scope I had on top. They too have so far stuck with chrome lined barrels and they make a gun of similar quality to that of the Windham. Amazon has more than you can imagine. There is a slight take up, which I can forgive, and just a touch of creep. It is a good visual indicator. Out of the box, the DB-15 B will shoot under an inch at 100 yards, and I can get it to do that with a variety of rounds. I am really liking this AR. Â If Diamondback can start selling a few of these rifles, and good feedback hits the forums, sales of the guns could take off. Don't pass up owning a fine Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 rifle, get yours at RanierSec today! RapidRabbitt, And it is one of the first big changes people make. A good base model would get you only you needed, and then you could add on extras and swap out parts to make the rifle more functional. When we pulled the trigger, the gun fired. FYI, Picked up a DB-15 last Thursday, 19Jun14, at my shop for 589.36 out the door. It came with one metal 30 round mag. Very nice gun. There is a lot of pressure on gun reviewers to get the most out of the review gun, if only to show what’s possible. Diamondback DB15 CCMLB 5.56mm Rifle. Melonite coated with 158 carpenter steel bolt. It provides a nice solidity. Stripped it, cleaned it, and oiled it. The trigger is a bit of a concern. After leaving the military I was a RUGER man all the way, I had my MINI 14 and it never jammed, Misfired or fouled on me. Diamondback DB15 YPTG 5.56mm Rifle. BGS: 713078697. The one we have is an earlier model that came with a Tapco stock. That said, the going price is considerably less. But for us “fun” shooters, with the current price of .22LR still being out of this world high, why not go ahead and have even more fun and enjoy the heck out of Americas battle varmint rifle, the AR15 and quality ones made by Windham are among the cream of the crop IMHO (as has most of this reply been). When an AR doesn’t work, that’s easy to describe. The extractor is trying to pull casings out but it just jams the whole thing up. The Diamondback DB15 YPB 5.56mm Rifle is made entirely in the USA! What grain and caliber 556 vs 223 is best for the db15. John stop being a shit head and read the fucking article. I guess there is some case to be made for a round made to wound, it does in effect take 3 people off the battlefield, the wounded soldier and two care givers/transporters but for goodness sake, the idea of shooting a soldier should be to PERMANENTLY put the guy out of the fight. My biggest gripe with the DB-15 is the heft of the hand guard and the included ATI stock interferes with charging the rifle unless you remove the riser. love it,love the color! At 100 yards, I should have been able to punch out the little circle on the target. And some rifles, like the Diamondback DB-15 B, represent a real value. With an eotech and a 3x you should be able to shoot the nuts of a butterfly at 100. Who the hell needs a 2 to 3 thousand dollar 556. And a sloppy trigger is going to be the first mechanical device I test (usually in the gun store, while making small talk, waiting on paperwork to clear). Diamondback DB15 CCMLB 5.56mm Rifle. Several brands too. I’m fine with that, but I expect better from a free-floated barrel. Diamondback Firearms DB15 rifle made entirely in the USA. I’ve sold them for 2 years with no issues at all. The anodized aluminum makes for a really good gripping surface. $755.40, Used Price: There’s a good forum for DB owners, if you want to do some additional research / reading –, HAD THE 15 raining ☔ on write now see HOW GOING TO SHOOT in morning. Thumbs up. I love mine but we’re do you get a stock for it that is like a AR15 that you pull button up and it extends it or makes short and I bought the green color one so I would want a stock to match gun any suggestions? Add in shipping, tax (about $75, which dealers here collect), DROS ($25) and transfer fee (running $75 now), this rifle will cost just about MSRP out the door, and it doesn’t even have sights. I purchased an Adams Arms Piston gun and let me say it is bad to the bone…shoots smooth clean and easy to shoot a robinhood multiple times! DB provided thoughtful additions to the rifle that make it run well, but skipped the unnecessary extras. Our Atwoods has a flash sale at $500 this weekend. $655.42, New Price: Even after prolonged shooting sessions, the DB-15 stays manageable. It seems that everywhere we have fielded the M16 the “conditions” have been problematic to its reliable function. Got my D. B. Fmj Classic BGS: 718005585, Hotshot 223rem 56gr Fmj Bt 20/box BGS: 712014482, Tula Ta223675 223rem 75hp 20/50 BGS: 98499, Legend Ammo Pro Trainer 223 45gr Frangible BGS: 411557789, Prvi Partizan 223 (5.56x45mm) 55gr Fmjbt 20rd Box BGS: 411555839, Pmc .223 Remington 55 Grain Full Metal Jacket Boat-tail BGS: 74001, Norma Ammo 223 Rem 55gr Fmj 20/box BGS: 718005740, Tula 223rem 75gr Hp 40/25 BGS: 712009593, Pmc Ammo .223 Remington 55gr. Extremely happy with my purchase. AR’s don’t usually have that problem my suggestion, if you still the the firearm, or want to keep it, is to have a gunsmith put taper pins in a new gas block and install a new gas tube. I guess I get a bit excited when I talk about this, It’s my first AR and I always had my doubts about them after my time in the ARMY, Constantly Jamming Fouling and just a dangerous weapon when in combat. Talking about the way an AR shoots can be difficult. Terrible company Today, we take a look at the Black Gold series. 50%. Diamondback DB15 Semi-Auto Rifle - The Diamondback DB15 comes with a A2 style, Also has the A2 Flash hider Muzzle Device which is designed to reduce muzzle flash. Overall Length (Stock Collapsed):  32.5″ We’re past that now, at least for a while. No gripes about either gun but have to admit to a bit more fondness for the Windham as it was my first “keeper” AR. We do our best to accurately describe the items we sell, but errors do occur. Diamondback hasn’t wasted money on the parts they know will be swapped out by finicky shooters (like the grip or trigger guard), and they’ve not included sights at all (which allows for individuals to put on what ever they want). The DB-15 B is going to serve you well, as is. The milled rail is slim enough to hold. It seems to me the only upgrade on this basic parts bin rifle is the fore end, which is nice enough, but not worth the premium. Took it out shot one round and casing jammed. I want it to really snap. It is long, well textured and has decent options for mounting accessories. It seems like everyone who wanted an AR has one. This one breaks a bit heavy, close to six pounds. Guns. MSRP: Flash Hider:  A2 Very nice AR for the price good quality and very accurate rifle, loved it a bunch, the shipping was very gasy and recieved it a perfect condition, highly recommended. I also have had a lot of luck with a new FNH that I am building as a gift to have transferred to my Son. Starting with the tried-and-true, U.S. Military-proven gas-impingement system and using only the highest quality components machined in Diamondback’s CNC facility. My first AR15 as I am a 1911 guy, but I could not pass up the price. 2019 products sale. Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15CCRFDE, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15CCKM300FDE, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15300FDE, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15E300FDE, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15CCML300FDE, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15CKMFDE, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15ODG-2, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15CCMLFDE, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15CMLXB, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15EML300B, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15CCML300B, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15CCML300BBB, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15FDEMPS, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15E300TG, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15YPFDE, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15US300B, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15CCKM300B, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15EML300FDE, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15CCMLB, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15YP300FDE, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15MZFDE, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15CCML300FDECA, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15DSFDE, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB1565GBGB, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15223WB, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15YP300TG, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15300NIB, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15CCML300BCA, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15224VBCA, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15CMLXBCA, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15CCMLBCA, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15300SCA, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15300FDECA, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15300DCT, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15E300B-DBF, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15E300BCA, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15224VFDE, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15224VB, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15PCTG7M, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB1547EMLFDE, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB1547EMLB, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB1565EMLFDE, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15GEBMLB, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15EMLFDE, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15300DCG, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15FDE-2, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15300BOS, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15CMLXFDE, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15300BMPS, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15300DCGMPS, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15DCGMPS, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15DCTMPS, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 DB15FDECA, Wolf Ammo 223 55gr. Barrel:  16″ 4140 Chrome-Moly, M4, Free Float In your travels around the country, have you found a good “triggerman” who can suggest ways to get this trigger down to 1.25 – 1.75#s? Diamondback DB15 CCMLB 5.56mm Rifle. The Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 is crafted with some of the finest engineering in the modern shooting market. Just a great gun. The forend I mentioned earlier is much more noteworthy. The few reviews and opinions I've managed to find are mostly positive (except one broken extractor report). And the best part is that the gun comes standard this way. everything works as it should.very good quality. Thank you! #If you want #Good Shop for cheap price Diamondback Db15 Semi Automatic Rifle Reviews And Gamo Whisper Fusion Air Rifle Igt Review .Price Low and Options of Diamondback Db15 Semi Automatic Rifle Reviews And Gamo Whisper Fusion Air Rifle Igt Review from variety stores in usa. diamondback is a quality co.this rifle in fde just spoke to me. Christopher L on Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15. Throw in the fact that the company has yet to go with the cheaper Melonite barrel coating and gotten rid of the proven chrome lined bores and chambers and……..well, Windham makes a SUPERB rifle. If you intend to use an actual scope, like the Nikon we used on this review gun, an extended charging handle would be a good choice, as the area under the eyepiece can get cramped. I’m a dealer and I offer life time warranties on every weapon I sell. Positive: 102 Mixed: 7 Negative: 12 Christopher L. Nov 26, 2019. Though this one is black, the DB 15 comes in other colors and camo patterns. Starting with the tried-and-true, U.S. Military-proven gas-impingement system and using only the highest quality components machined in Diamondback’s CNC facility. The shelves at the brick-and-mortar stores are full of black rifles. However, demand for the AR15 is still fairly high, and the guns are likely to be popular for many years to come. There are better bargains. i saw this rifle and had to have it ! A longer forend allows you to hold thumb-over-bore. Diamondback Firearms reserves the right to edit, change, or clarify descriptions at any time to correct errors in product listings. The company never returned one of 3 emails sent and the call line left me in a circle without the ability to leave a message. I own several AR-15s. The front rail sections are milled into the rail. That was the newer M16A2 in 1982. The forend is anything but basic. We had no issues related to magazines. The addition of rail sections on the front allow for a lot of accessory options. Lower Receiver:  Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum Terrible experience. With the Diamondback DB15 the buffer tube nut was properly staked, and the gas key on the bolt-carrier group (BCG) was as well. The DB-15 line has a wide variety of options. Super pleased. Diamondback DB15 Background. If the company I buy from does not offer a life time warranty I do not buy the weapon. I think the message was conveyed pretty well despite some grammatical errors. In the event of inaccuracies in the description of an item, we reserve the right to … My experiences with Diamondback’s rifles began in 2016 with a review of their AR-10. I sure am glad I am not and have not been in the service and had to rely on such an anemic round to protect myself and my fellow men with but hopefully one of these days the military will forego the perks the lobbyists have provided them and finally go with a battle rifle with enough firepower to reliably kill an enemy with a single round and not outfit our troops with a rifle engineered to wound. I sell the DB-15 for$569. Depending on how long the gun has been around, it might have either. Out of the box, though, the DB-15 will work great. Diamondback DB15YB 5.56mm NATO 16in Black Semi Automatic Rifle - 30 Rounds - Diamondback Firearms is proud to announce its NEW line of DB15 rifles made entirely in the USA! I bought my first brand new AR after being skeptical because of my days in the Army with the M-16 A/2…. PRODUCT SPECS Model: DB15CMLXB Caliber: 5.56 NATO/ .223 Remington I'm considering buying a Diamondback DB10 rifle, does anybody know if it is a good quality rifle in it's price range? Instead, they’re bringing an AR to market with a free-float tube milled for maximal efficiency. This means really good prices on brand new guns for those who are still looking. You don’t have to start at the bottom. Best Entry-Level Rangefinder: Vortex Impact 850 —…, Premium AR-15 Manufacturer Jumps into the…, Cobalt Kinetics and MARS Team Up on New Army Machine…, Technology Takes Shotgunning to the Next Level -…, Best Budget Optic? The other things I added are a 900 lumens light on a 45% angle mount and a green laser with the same type of mount, the only trouble is the laser, being on that 45% angle it’s not zeroing in very well….That’s what I get for trying to get away cheep instead of mounting new front grips. The forend has been replaced with a longer aluminum tube. As you might have ascertained by my diatribe, the trigger on the DB is its weakness. Diamondback Firearms reserves the right to edit, change, or clarify descriptions at any time to correct errors in product listings. I’m with John on this. If you’ve only ever experienced a basic mil-spec trigger, you may not be bothered by a bit of take-up or a touch of creep. buy Diamondback Firearms DB15 762X39 7" Barrel FDE DB15P47FDE7M for sale best price A great sign to start this review. Starting with the tried-and-true, U.S. Military-proven gas-impingement system and using only the highest quality components machined in Diamondback’s CNC facility. I’ve started to loosen the grip on my shooting hand a bit, but that’s only possible if I’m bracing the rifle well with my support hand. Very nice looking, and fires great. Can you send me the website or ordering info please? I had more than enough magnification and a wide variety of capable ammo. Diamondback | Bangers - Your Shooting Sports Source DB15,Black Gold 6.5Gr16"Blk,M-Lok Rail, MOE Carbine Stock/MOE Grip,Blk/Blk 30rd PMag The retail is 1,096 but I got a good deal on it. It looks really good and works even better. Starting with the tried-and-true, U.S. Military-proven gas-impingement system and using only the highest quality components machined in Diamondback’s CNC facility. Bolt Carrier:  Shot-Peened, Magnetic Particle Inspected Love my new Diamondback .300 AAC Blackout. Buy one db15 contact me for more info. But there are other mounts that will go directly onto the front sight so the laser is under it and strait on target. What a deal! Even with the basic A2-style flash hider, there is very little muzzle rise. Diamondback Firearms is now selling a DB15 pistol as well. This comes in The Diamondback DB15 CCMLB 5.56mm Rifle is made entirely in the USA! 15 at ATWOODS for the amazingly low price of $522.00. I bought one on line to find out it was all plastic and did not fit well at all. And that’s exactly what is supposed to happen. Thinking about buying one of these a r it’s five hundred bucks at Farm and Home that’s like Rural King is this a r a good gun and can you interchange the parts out and customize this one would like to know before I buy it, Bought mine one week ago. Upper Receiver:   A3 Flattop Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum This is a great rifle at a steal of a price, however the only complaint I have was easily fixable, the screws holding the handgaurd to the barrel nut were loose. Caliber:  5.56 NATO / .223 Remington Dave – I bought my DB-15 about 5 months ago it’s now fully optimized except for the trigger. Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet but very satified with product and dealing with buds was a pleasure.. Would highly recommend both the gun and buds.. Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 Ammo Deals, Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 Variations. Bill Springfield It was lodged very nicely. Vortex Diamondback Tactical…, Laser Ammo‘s Training Trifecta: SureStrike Laser, LaserPET and Glock TJ Sight. I have an M4A3 with a heavy barrel and after I installed a Timney Trigger (I was tempted to go with the lightweight trigger that Windhams website offered but went with the old reliable Timney), a 3lb trigger, using an EoTech with a 3x magnifier I can group well within 1MOA at 100 yards and a marksman I am NOT. I bought mine about 6 months ago no problems at all. We have been kicking around a Diamondback DB15 AR-pattern pistol for the past several weeks and have a report from the field.. Our test model, specifically a 7-inch barreled DB15PDS7B pistol, included a Gearhead Works’ Tailhook Mod 2 brace, which Diamondback seems to be switching to exclusively on their handgun builds. Took 2 hours to get it out. It should get even better as you swap out pieces and parts in that never-ending quest to make the perfect fighting or sporting rifle. The charging handle, safety and mag release are all typical to the platform. Took it out this weekend, first shot, casing jammed. If it is not staked that is a clear sign of poor quality and a glaring absence of quality control. Finish:  Black Anodized Hardcoat AR-10s at the time were relatively very expensive to own and reliability considered an added bonus. The longer tube on the forend makes shooting it easier. Yet if it were my gun and not a review gun, I’d begin with a new trigger, and try to find that load that works perfectly. Have I mentioned that this is a great time to be in the market for an AR-15? Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15 Reviews How would you like to rate Diamondback Firearms DB15 AR-15? The California version (which presumably differs only in that it has a $15 bullet button and a cheaper 10 round magazine) sells on this site for $856 (lowest) to MSRP. ‍ ‍ ‍ The Diamondback DB15 YPTG 5.56mm Rifle is made entirely in the USA! When you are holding it out near the end of the gun, the DB-15 B is easy to hold down and pull in tight. .223 REMINGTON HAS LESS “PUNCH” THAN THE .556 NATO. If you have one in your state check out rural king. Starting with the tried-and-true, U.S. Military-proven gas-impingement system and using only the highest quality components machined in Diamondback’s CNC facility. MORE GRAIN BASICALLY. I wanna. The Diamondback DB15 CCMLB 5.56mm Rifle is made entirely in the USA! Like you, that 5.6# pull is NOT acceptable.! The Diamondback DB-15 B is a solid entry level AR. The aluminum is milled into an angular tube that provides a great grip. It is a basic collapsible stock with a flat strap loop. Another standard check on all AR-15 rifles and pistols I review is the buffer tube nut. Still, it is a lot of rifle for the money, and the additional savings will allow you to add on what you may really want. Hp Polyformance BGS: 717031739, Wolf Ammo 223 55gr. Shooting .223 Remington. Please contact me if its still available, thanks! Stock:  Tapco All Diamondbacks are warrantied for a lifetime. As someone who needs a longer length of pull, the stock is one of the first things I change out. The Tapco stock is solid. The DB-15 B worked fine. The DB-15 B is an upgraded gun at a base model price, and it is a buyer’s market. I just got a DB-15 for $500. The DB15 also has the Roger's super stock and 12" aluminum M-Lok rail handguard with a full length picatinny rail. The casing are completely gouged where it’s getting stuck. shoots straight and no problems what so ever. Update. Changing out a gas block isn’t an advanced skill, but it isn’t easy. Where are you located? In other words I bought a $600 paper weight I will have to pay shipping and fml to get back. Trigger pull has a way of shaping a lasting impression of an entire rifle, even though a trigger can be easily replaced. The DB15 is an all-American AR-15 with well-thought-out features from a four-year-old, pocket-pistol company. If you want to be a serious journalist, you have to use the language correctly, and at least proofread. Interested in the db15 for $569. The BCM gunfighter extended charging handle is a nice upgrade to add to it but does pinch my fingers a bit when changing the rifle. The best price for diamondback db15 for sale online. If you intend to use an actual scope, like the Nikon we used on this review gun, an extended charging handle would be a good choice, as the area under the eyepiece can get cramped. The barrel has a typical M4 profile and no-frills A2 flash hider. No issues cycling rounds and solid groupings with the right ammo. Great quality. While I could place rounds within an inch of the bulls-eye, I want more from the gun. Mark, Just a note. Diamondback Firearms DB15 300 DB15CCML300B No reviews have been written for this product. Or better yet, a replacement AR-15 adjustable trigger? Very nice gun. In the market for a DB-15. Couldn't beat the price. Buying your first AR-15 used to be a lot easier, if only because of the lack of options. Please get back to me asap. From the modified Diamondback aluminum four-rail handguard, to a variety of color, sight, and stock options, the Diamondback DB15 represents value and versatility all at a very affordable price. The DB-15 has been excellent for me, the ATI stock bothered me more than the stock trigger, Magpulized everything else. Model R16M4A4T with 16″ chrome lined barrel 1 in 9 R/H twist. The mount for it is also stainless and will last a life time. Tried several different mags right from the get go, and not one had any issues feeding the gun. The diamond-shaped holes allow for some heat transfer, but it is free floated, so the rail doesn’t get as hot as it could. The key is to buy from a dealer that assures you a life time warranty. Barrel Twist Rate:  1 x 9 Correct language use speaks to how you want the world to view you. The platform is designed to work. The new versions of the DB-15 B ship with an ATI Strikeforce Stock with an aluminum, civilian (commercial) buffer tube assembly. I bought mine 2 weeks ago. ANY WAY the way it came stock was under 900.00 Well under. Contact your dealer or distributor TODAY for more information on the Diamondback DB15. It isn’t enough for me that a trigger breaks at five or six pounds. The scarcity we all suffered 18 months back has flipped. Also the rifles have to always run “wet” so we really need a rifle that doesn’t require constant maintenance and lubrication. The new line takes a tiered approach to give customers a choice of features and price points. I’ve put 300+ rounds through it and it’s really a great gun for the money. Starting with the tried-and-true, U.S. Military-proven gas-impingement system and using only the highest quality components machined in Diamondback’s CNC facility. Yes please I’d love to purchase it because this is exactly what I need. I am. Compare prices from more than 30+ gun stores. It would also be nice to field our troops with a rifle that will actually function in adverse climates. This gun is chambered for 6.5 Grendel. I want it to be clean. I have purchased guns from Buds multiple times and its always been a smooth transaction. What is the Link for the $569.00 DB-15… We had no failures to feed or extract. In this market, you can take your pick of rifles and options. Thanks. Overall Length (Stock Expanded):  36.25″ Because it is has a full length rail, it requires a low-profile gas block. I brought the fde model for 625 first ar i ever brought under 1000 dollars but money has tight but i will say i put atleast 1500 rounds through and i havnt had one problem yet i brought brand new about 3 mouth ago i run steel case ammo and reloads still not one problem i think ill be doing business with them again, I bought my DB15CCB at Rural King for $500 (base model) about 3 months ago. Related Tags: The long top rail allows for the use of a variety of optics and sights. Free shipping and no sales tax outside of SC. Buzz, very happy with my purchase. Every once in a while a lemon will slip through no matter who the company is or what the item is. Here are the rest of the specs: I like the red paint in the in the “fire” position (which is present on both sides). 2021 © All rights reserved. writing. Sights:  No Sights. I just received a WINDHAM Model WW15 and it came with a top pic rail about 6 inches and a Diamond rear sight with the two optic flip system and it locks up/down it’s fully adjustable of course and the front sight where the gas tube is also is fully adjustable.