Amazonite – calming, communicative. Are they working toward one main goal of your pouch and does each one add its own flavour to that goal? So if someone is wearing Yellow Sapphire, he should not wear Diamond, Emerald and Blue Sapphire because their lords are enemies of Jupiter. Help! Any ideas of why that would be? Unakite – great for collaborations and relationships because of its marriage of pink and green within it. Because I heard high vibration stones can mess up other stones’ function if they do not matching. Citrine is abundantly found in nature where even 20 Carat gemstones are easily available. Crystals that DON’T work together My new house has a very grim feeling to it out of nowhere and I know family members practice magick with ill intentions. It’s also important to begin learning how to MANAGE your anger better, so take a look at what your triggers are, what your reactions are when you’re triggered and how you can stop reacting and rather being mindful of your actions. In addition if I put all 3 of the above stones near the front door or the south west corner of the home (in Feng Shui this is husbands area) , can they help to secure my husband’s income? Work with crystals intentionally and mindfully, then you are good to go. In Astrology, Jupiter rules over Yellow Sapphire. I want to cultivate more unconditional love and emotional control, calmness and relaxed mind. If all of them are drawing your eye, work with all of them and figure out what you want them to assist you with (what’s your intention for them) and then see how you feel. Citrine. Thankyou for your time. This yellow-orange-golden crystal belongs to the quartz mineral group. In the evening, using Selenite, clear your energy by combing or sweeping around your body with the Selenite and visualise releasing energy which isn’t yours. Smoky quartz – grounding, protective, clearing. For a tailored Crystal Reading from me, shop here, I am wearing the following bracelets : The citrine or sunela is a semi-precious stone, which represents Jupiter, the planet that symbolizes wealth, wisdom, knowledge, spirituality and happiness. I’m a lady with low energy levels n easily distractable. Hi Néelam, if those are what you’re drawn to then that sounds like a great combination for you 1.citrine, golden rutilated quartz, and yellow calcite If you are attracted to it and the throbbing continues, check with your local physician that things are physically fine with you. Is it ok to wear the 2 bracelets together? You’re the sweetest I will go through the detailed links and come back with any more questions… 1 Selenite I have been drawn to black obsidian and black tourmaline. min-height: 325px; And.. I also wear labradorite on a pendant for a few years now but recently am being drawn to lizardite, can i combine this with labradorite. Blue quartz – great for the mind and mental game. All crystals can work well together, but as the article states, you need to use them with intention. I don’t know what the ring of Solomon made up of but myth is the wearer can command over good and evil spirits alike so I am asking near similar powerful stones giving extreme divine help with gemstones we have in the earth. If you want more calm at night with the addition of love, then place a crystal on each of your bedside tables, with the addition of one or two for calm. I just don’t know where to start or when ones to get. If you want to feel more productive and creative, place a crystal in a space where you are productive (your studies desk). Topaz What I’d suggest is to give it a good clearing and then think about what you want the stone to do for you (what’s your intention), then work up to using it for longer periods so start with working with it for 5 minutes each day, then increase the time as the week’s go by. The name citrine is derived from French word ‘Citron’ which stands for lemon. Yes if that’s what you’re most attracted to for protection but also no because there are other crystals which are powerful in their own right. Work with what you’re drawn to and if you feel like there is something missing, then add your amplifier. This stone should be worn in silver in the middle finger. Citrine is a 7 in terms of hardness; this makes it okay for everyday wear, but not as durable as a diamond. My parents 7 months apart, my aunt just recently and two very good friends. Good grounders are Hematite, Red Jasper, Smokey Quartz and Black Tourmaline. It may work, it may not. Hi Siobhan! 3. So I thought black tourmaline could help protect against this and zapping my energy. I also know a lot of them are good for it. is that okay? Or should I set the intention of wealth happiness opportunity abundance and luck for whole bracelet taking as a one piece? Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a727f011ef85fe0cf5441aa9eb0be69e" );document.getElementById("dba6aad19e").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Join my monthly newsletter and get a FREE Mandala which you can use for fun and to connect with yourself! Is Blue Lace Agate better for balancing the throat chakra or calming an overactive Throat Chakra? Hi Catherine. Hi Bernadette, Usually a good rinse with spring or blessed water is enough, (note: be careful, some stones … If you find that the crystals aren’t working for you, change hands. I wanted to get quartz crystal, citrine, and amethyst because of the intentions I have I am not sure if these are the correct stones though (I want to be more in tune with my spiritual feelings and intuition/psychic feelings and strengthen that, as well as have protection against negativity and bad nightmares. Warmer colors like red, orange and yellow, boost and energise. I believe that with the right intention all crystals can work together. You sure can combine them Even if you start with clearing one thing a day, you are creating SPACE for NEWNESS. It will cause irregular beats. You can keep them in your room, however and wherever you like, but as I always mention – what’s your INTENTION for them. I have been wearing jade for a very long time and have a bit of an affinity for it. You can go through this extensive common conditions list on Healing Crystals for suggestions The name, Citrine, comes from a French word for lemon, Citron, however, the color of this stone is more golden than lemon-yellow.It is certainly a crystal to be added to your collection as it is full of positive energy and brilliant features. Crystal Combinations. Do my stones negativity impacts someone in the house who wants energy to go forward with their carriers and busses? Tired, irritable, easily agitated, drained? I just came across this post. Tigers eye When it comes to negativity it’s important to take a look at the negativity you’re facing. Also some crystals don’t work well if you are particularly emotional or sad. Sounds like a silly question I know. Tq. Ma’am can you pls suggest some stones for my health, anger issues and depression. Often the circles we mingle in, the things we watch, social media we are exposed to; they all can make you tried. Black Tourmaline is considered the stone of protection because it protects on all levels at once (spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, environmental).. I know it’s “on fleek” to nicely layer 6 crystal necklaces around your neck or carry that many around with you. Hi! Exercise caution when buying citrine. Citrine is the birthstone for the month of November. And the other intentions for other bracelets. If you do so, try to limit the crystals to your main intentions (career, business and life purpose) to maybe 1-2 per intention. Something for her spirit – to uplift it – would be lovely, like Spirit Quartz, combined with something like Lepidolite to soothe her anxieties would be great. So, as to sound like a stuck record: don’t forget your intentions! Aside from knowing which hand to wear it, you can do more to activate the powers of your bracelet. Orange stones (carnelian, sunstone, orange calcite) for the sacral chakra. Does this mean I don’t get benefits from crystals? I am so sorry to hear about your husband. You can wear those stones or any other stones you are drawn to on our left or right wrist. And never ever forget that you’ve got this! Also learn if you can donate precious stones as planetary remedies. Amethyst is a light to dark purple semi-precious stone which can come as a geode, cluster or single point. I heard that Jade can also protect you from Negative energy/loss so I’m after that as well. As my article outlines – work with your crystals intentionally by looking at what you want to achieve with each crystal and if they are working toward one main intention with each of their flavors or are working on their own special project. However don’t forget about your intentions, read more here Hi there Amy, Dear, They don’t give you magical abilities, extra terrestrial power or contact and command over divine and demon spirits overall. Thank you for the helpful and hopeful insight to cryatals. Clear Quartz is an amplifier so if you intention is for it to positively amplify the Amethyst, make it so and so it shall be. and are there any other crystals that would be excellent for a kind person who has sensitive feelings? 2.citrine, golden rutilated quartz and yellow tiger’s eye For centuries, it was also called gold topaz. Lately feeling very depressed and demoralised. But I bought 2 and it’s a genuine question if that will affect me differently in any way if I need to pick and stay with one necklace or not, Also curious about the mixture of moldavite, aquamarine and emerald. You are so worth it! Can I put lapiz and clear quartz together????!!! And if your interest doesn’t go into that direction at the moment, then their mentioned abilities, in that regarding, may become interesting to you in a few years. It should be at least 5 carats in weight. Does wearing separate bracelets with citrine and Aventurine has additional benefits on receiving wealth luck? Then send pics . You can take a look here They can only wear the Panna gemstone when Mercury is positioned in the 3rd, 7th, and 10th House in their horoscope chart. I would really appriciate if u tell me which will be the best gem stone I should wear. The name, Citrine, comes from a French word for lemon, Citron, however, the color of this stone is more golden than lemon-yellow.It is certainly a crystal to be added to your collection as it is full of positive energy and brilliant features. 3. citrine : for solar plexus chakra AND wealth luck, safety of existing wealth, abundance, happiness, self control effects. Here’s an article to read Hi Alistair, Hi Robert! Crystals can support you on your journey. Please read this article, Hi , I have bracelets amethyst, rose quartz, black obsidian, Green Aventurine, citrine, Smokey Quartz and blue lace agate. I’ve already for a bracelet or labradorite, tigers eye and yellow calcite together, Thanks so much I have learned so much from you and will like to follow ur guide lines. If you don’t feel any difference in your hands at all in terms of one hand feeling/experiencing more sensation than the other, then go with your non-dominant hand as your receiving hand and your dominant hand as your sending. Citrine should be protected from sharp blows and scratches but is otherwise quite resistant to normal wear. I have a few crystals in my room and beside just feeling well, connected with my spirituality, maintaining a healthy relationship with my fiancée, I have some particular motivations and I intend to use my crystals to help them. Citrine. Or are they each for specific intentions? A quick note on crystals and gemstones for those who are new to the subject: Crystals (and their gemstone counterparts, which have been cut and/or polished) are known for holding vibrational charge. I had anxiety problems, last night after the third day of me wearing black tourmaline, i suddenly awakened and feel panic with heart racing problems. Lastly, it’s not your responsibility to save the world or anyone in it. Speak soon! I kept the selenite in a box and left other crystal bracelets on it. Can I put my rose quartz, Amethyst, and black obsidian together? }. If so, it may be too much for you. With regards to light blue stones such as Blue Lace Agate, I would experience a decrease in energy levels. Keeping them touching with coach other overnight? You’ve got crystals that are all for the top chakras, but you are first and foremost a physical human being having a SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE. I have terahertz and wish to mixed them with other crystals for various combination, is that fine? Yes and no. How can I wear Blue Lace Agate, without depleting my energy during the day? Classy Engagement Rings that Celebrities are Buying, Ultimate Engagement Ring Buying Guide for Men. More doesn’t equal more powerful. Also, if you think there are any spaces that I should get room for crystals in here as well, I’d like that too (like, next to the door, or something, since all these places are far from the room entrance). Hi Siobhan! Green Fluorite or Blue Calcite within the office can encourage harmony with colleagues. Citrine is classified as a semi precious stone. If you don’t know what you want to achieve with your stones, there’s really no point to use them for healing. You can protect your energy by holding something like Black Tourmaline or Labradorite and visualizing a protection bubble around you. So if someone is wearing Yellow Sapphire, he should not wear Diamond, Emerald and Blue Sapphire because their lords are enemies of Jupiter. Wear them on the side you’re most comfortable with, don’t overthink it, wear it. I feel the moon is a great charger for Selenite. This gorgeous gemstone jewelry should be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner or with warm water, mild soap and a soft bristle brush, then towel- and air-dried. I hope this helps a bit . When I put them next to each other it is as wide as my palm. Here is a run down. Many people find that clear quartz boosts their energy and makes them happy even if they are feeling low. You should not use Ruby. End of story! 1 Unakite Before you wear any stone, you should cleanse off any negative energy that might have been left from a previous owner or just from other people handling the stone. Depression and anxiety relief – lepidolite, amethyst, rose quartz, blue chalcedony. i also wear a moonstone ring. Right so you’re interested in purchasing crystals – tell me what crystal is it that has intrigued you and made you want to look into purchasing crystals? The ideal carat weight of the Citrine gemstone should be 1/10th of your body weight. Green will balance because it’s in between warm and cool. I make jewelry so if there is a particular stone I really like I set it and find some place to wear it. Hi Samrudhi, Use Blue Sapphire with silver. When i take it off it gradually subsided, i wear smokey quartz and citrine as well.. do u think it just doesnt fit me (black tourmaline).. thank you for your response.. Hi Alex, Hi, I’m looking for crystals to help me guide me through life and crystals to bring me my dream life. In addition, there are some great identification groups on Facebook dedicated to helping you identify your stones so check that out too! Generally grounding stones don’t cancel out other stones but it’s also important to take note of how your combination feels. That is up to you. I also feel that pink stones like rose quartz will calm the energy. Reading about what they all help do I feel it’s a good combination together for me personally . If you have any tips on which crystals I can get for these places as well, to complement the ones I already have, I’d be grateful to know! If you cannot create space in your life or home, the Universe cannot bring any new energy into your space or life. Those born under the sign of Virgo should wear Red Jasper as it brings love and compassion, while it relieves depression at the same time. It is suppose to be a 7 chakra balancing bracelet. Is garnet and amethyst goes well. Heliodor is a less well-known cousin to aquamarine and emerald and makes a great stone for daily wear. Experiment and see what happens. Therefore, people suffering from indigestion or constipation are not suggested to wear Pi Xiu. Citrine properties make it the best stone for creating your dreams, bringing positivity into all situations and amplifying the intentions of other jewelry and stones. With its help, Leo sun signs can open up to new opportunities and prosperity as it attracts the right people, situations, and abundance to them. In my opinion, this gem should be worn very carefully because if it proved negative, then this coral will cause quarrel, enhance the anger, it can hurt. Anyhow, I read a lot about these from the web and I selected the following in par with my intentions. Clear quartz You can definitely wear different crystals together so that’s why it’s important to be clear on your intentions. Thank you! 4.Rose quartz I’m very new to this and I recently bought tektite and angelite. Is that too much? If you’re just going to have them lying around, that’s fine, then ensure you’re clear that they’re just decorative. Topaz is more valuable than citrine and so beware of some dealers selling citrine labelled as topaz. Feeling uncomfortable, sluggish or tired. Rhodonite for love I have anxiety and still struggle with depression, although I do therapy, it’s still something that I always expect my crystals to help! To balance hormone levels, and reduce stress can I keep carnelian and amethyst in my room? Citrine is one of the very few truly yellow gemstones. Please let me.know if I can wear them altogether. img#wpstats{display:none} .woocommerce-product-gallery{ opacity: 1 !important; } Read more here:, Would labrodorite and agate work well worn together? A reddish-orange color is often referred to as ‘Madeira’ colored. Indian astrology connects Citrine (Sunela rashi ratan) with the magnanimous planet ‘Jupiter’. red Red Jasper for the Root. In fact, most of the citrine gems are a result of heat treating amethyst. What do you want to achieve with those stones? Citrine As their ruling planet is the sun, this Leo stone enhances their warmth and generosity, and it brings them the positivity, energy, and joy they need to thrive. You’re the sweetest! Thanks a lot. Be sure to rinse and dry your jewelry thoroughly after cleaning. Hi Siobhan, can we combine Rose Quartz and Citrine?

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