Stir in potato, carrots, and peas; season with salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper. Stir and simmer on low heat until broth comes to a boil. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to low, and simmer covered until goat meat is partially tender, 30 to 40 minutes. 1. I enjoy lots of the foods in Nigeria but there are quite some of them that kinda tastes better and more delicious to me. Add enough water to the meat and also add the peeled yams to the meat and cook for 20 minutes. This would be great to serve with Israeli-style couscous; alternatively, you could add some potato chunks to the pan halfway through the cooking. Goat meat is tough make sure you cook till it's soft and tender to touch. Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest Reddit. If cooking with both beef and goat meat, add like just 1 cup water to steam meats. Heat all together for 10 minutes; if too thick add bit water. African pepper soup is a hearty African soup made with Goat meat cutlets or chunks, pepper soup spice and other beautiful condiments. Once it starts boiling, add 2 more tablespoons of spice mix and continue to simmer. Transfer the marinated meat into a saucepan and cook for 3- 5 minutes over medium heat. Because it is so easy to prepare, you can count on it to save the day when you run out on soup a few days before the big soup day This will be really delicious. Then turn heat down. Add salt and thyme, pour enough water to cover the meat and leave to cook for 35 minutes on medium heat. Goat meat pepper soup is the king of all pepper Soups no one is telling me otherwise. Stir in tomatoes and onions. Pepper soup could go well with Pounded Yam, Meat, Fish, Agidi, White Rice or Boiled Yam. If you wish to prepare goat meat pepper soup, assorted beef pepper soup or cow foot pepper soup, all you need to do is to substitute chicken with goat meat, beef, cow foot or offal respectively. Allow to boil for 20 min. Add blended pepper, onions, 2 stock cubes, salt, goat meat spice to the meat and place on heat to cook. Step 3 Check the goat head, if well cooked and softened, Drain out the water, and mix the meat … Global stocks sank Wednesday after US President Donald Trump said he was not satisfied with talks that are aimed at averting a trade war with China. First, place the pieces of chicken in a clean pot and pour enough water to cover the contents of the pot. Cooking vegetable stew with palm oil and goat meat, subscribe for more delicious African recipes. Add all of the ingredients except the thyme and scotch bonnet. 2. Ofe nsala, as we call it, is a delicacy in Igboland. In that case, peel the yam and cut into big pieces and add them when the goat meat is almost done, some time between steps 2 and 3 under cooking directions below. Meat Recipes HOW TO PREPARE THE TASTIEST GOAT MEAT LIGHT SOUP RECIPE. Nigerian Goat Meat Pepper Soup is one of the popular Nigerian Pepper Soup recipes. Add enough water to the meat and also add the peeled yams to the meat and cook for 20 minutes. To prepare this soup, all edible part of the goat can be used. Add blended pepper, onions, 2 stock cubes, salt, goat meat spice to the meat and place on heat to cook. I pray that everyone is blessed! For mine, I will make it a bit unique. 27. This recipe results in a tender, savory dish that, while unusual, is still basically good old comfort food. For other Nigerian Pepper Soup recipes, visit: Assorted Meat Pepper Soup and Catfish Pepper Soup (Point & Kill). 4. Peel yam nicely, dice into smaller sizes and rinse well. Nsala soup (white soup) is one of the most delicious of all Nigerian soups, this year alone I have made and eaten more of it than any other. Add the blended pepper, onions, stock cubes, salt, and place on heat to cook. If you are looking for an authentic African Goat meat pepper soup, this soup certainly delivers the big, bold African flavors you will love. Return goat meat to the sauce and pour in reserved marinade and beef stock. Rinse the meat and stockfish into a pot. 3. Here is a quick tutorial on how to prepare my Goat meat light soup … 4. Before you cook the Nigerian Pepper Soup. USA Online Sportsbooks | Sportsbooks Sportsbooks | nsala soup with goat meat nsala soup with goat meat Steps On How to Prepare Ofe Nsala 1. One of my favorites. Stir the goat meat and add a ¾ cup of water to the pot, cover and bring the water to … First, clean and cook the toughest meat firstwhich is usually the cow foot and tripe (shaki). Step7: Add pepper, scent leaves or uziza leaves. Bring down to cool before adding the meat. Note: You can add white yam to Goat Meat Pepper Soup to get Goat Meat and Yam Pepper Soup. Normally, you parboil the meat with ingredients (Maggi, onions, salt, and others), cook for about 15 minutes before adding water. Goat meat has a distinct smell, that differentiate it from other meat. Okro soup whether cooked with goat meat or stock fish or any meats at all, takes like the shortest time to cook, so it is advisable to get your fufu ready before commencing the cooking of this soup. You can serve piping hot with the agidi, white rice , plantain or boiled yam. Cut goat’s meat into bite-size pieces, wash and place in a pot with water, season with salt, onions and seasoning cubes. 3. Goat meat doesn’t have much natural juices. Wait for about 5minutes for it to steam under low heat then add the tomato paste. Crack open the umilo, gbafilo and iwo, blend the contents alongside ataiko and irugeje. 1. Bring to a boil. On this post, we will focus on how to cook/make/prepare Goat Meat Pepper Soup . Step8: Cover the pot and leave to simmer for 5 minutes and the pepper soup is ready. Remove tomatoes, onion and blend until smooth. Place beans, 1/2 the onion, garlic, and rosemary into a soup pot with enough water to cover one inch above the ingredients. Now bring the pot of water to a boil. Put the goat meat in a soup pot or saucepan and season with chopped onions, spices and a little salt. This recipe explains the Nigerian Goat Meat Pepper Soup. When meat is almost tender, add water to cover the meat a bit, add pepper, palm oil, washed dry fish, check for salt and cover the pot to boil. Step6: When the meat is done, remove the chunks of onion. Peel yam nicely, dice into smaller sizes and rinse well, Rinse the goat meat and stockfish into a pot. As a child I remember Christmas and New Year Celebrations were never complete without a bowl of goat meat pepper soup with all sorts of parts inclusive, cut up in tiny bite size juicy chunks. Like most Nigerian pepper soups, it is hot and spicy. Nsala soup or White Soup is a tasty, fast and easy soup recipe that has its origins in the riverine areas of Nigeria. Home/Meat Recipes/ HOW TO PREPARE THE TASTIEST GOAT MEAT LIGHT SOUP RECIPE. THE GOAT MEAT & METHOD 3 tbs of light Soy Sauce and 1 tsp of Salt for the goat meat. Here is how I Make pepper soup with assorted cow meat. Today, I will show you a way to prepare a special dish, vegetables soup with goat meat. Goat Meat adds a special traditional flavor to the Nigerian Pepper soup recipe. Meat Recipes How to prepare my EASY Goat Meat Light Soup Recipe: Step by Step Demo! There’s nothing more soothing than a hot, spicy bowl of pepper soup for lunch or dinner in the rainy season. The only difference is the use of goat meat(as the name implies). • Wash ginger, garlic, chilli, one of the onions and three of the tomatoes, drain, place in blender, season, and blend to a paste. Sprinkle the soy sauce and salt over the goat and rub in. Adjust salt and bouillon cubes to personal taste, simmering until the goat meat is tender. The most popular is goat meat recipe followed by the assorted cow/goat meat recipe (which includes shaki [cow tripe], pkomo, fresh meat, intestine, liver, and kidney), also we have the cow tail version, Catfish Pepper Soup which is fondly called ‘point and kill’. 1. * * If you don’t have the pre- packaged pepper soup spices, you can prepare you own pepper soup spices by following the recipe HERE. John January 16, 2021. 9. Goat is a delicious, mild-flavored meat that is overlooked in the U.S. I love to chew okro, that’s why I chop them this way. Vegetables soup with goat meat Try Using Food to Elevate Your Mood Hello everybody, it is John, welcome to our recipe site. Hello, beloved! 2. Add Maggi cubes, 1 tablespoon of pepper soup spice mix, blended crayfish (optional) and onions to pot of goat meat.

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