In the case that you are not able to arrange an appointment through the website you can contact the consulate in Bangalore by telephone (+91) (80) 33 47 00 00 or email Kindly note that a maximum stay in the international transit area is allowed for 24 hours only. Now that our repatriation program is concluded, quite a number of Indian citizens with permanent residency, work permit, Blue Card or student visa for Germany have approached us to see if we could help them return to Germany. -  Proof of financial stability as well as sufficient funds for the duration of your stay, including travel insurance, have to be presented. Kindly contact the respective airline for status, availability and conditions. Customers can submit visa applications at the Japan Visa Application Centre in Bangalore ONLY with PRIOR APPOINTMENT. This site provides information on procedures applicable to residents of certain areas in the North & the South of India and Bhutanese nationals and third country residents in Bhutan who wish to apply for a visa to travel to Germany as their main destination in the Schengen area. If you decide to submit your application at the VFS center, personal appearance is not required. Founding. Applications can be deposited at VFS Visa Application Centre. participants in repatriation program) are eligible for these flights. User can click on “Cancel an appointment… Focus on the important things. The Visa Section of the German Consulate General Bangalore is now accepting new visa applications. Long-term (Category “D”) visa for employment in health and health research sectors, for care of the elderly as well as specialists and highly qualified workers whose employment is economically necessary and whose work cannot be postponed or carried out abroad5. For contact details please see here. Travelers are advised to check on detailed procedure with the respective airline as well as on quarantine measures or special regulations of the respective Indian States/Union territories in advance. No suitable keywords found. Delhi – Munich – Frankfurt – Canada) you will have to apply for a C-Transit visa which is possible at VFS Visa Application Center. This could be a better option for travel to one of the main airports from which repatriation flights depart. Please check with the Indian authorities for complete and updated information regarding travel restrictions in the region you are in at the Moment. Book an appointment online on the available date and time slot. Therefore you could travel to the US/Canada via Frankfurt OR Munich if you don’t leave the international transit area and have your luggage checked through to the US/Canada. germany visa Trawellday Tours and Travels is a Bangalore Based Visa Consultant and Tour Operator. If you decide to submit your application at the VFS center, personal appearance is not required For submission directly at the German consulate, please book an appointment. Applying for a German visa from Bangalore is very easy as one of the German consulate offices is nestled in … Please enter all personal data according to the entries in your passport. I urge you to read fully as it contains some tips which may be helpful. Information on visa applications, entry to Germany and quarantine regulations 10.12.2020 - Article. The Indian Embassy in Berlin as well as the Indian Consulates General in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich have opened up COVID-19 hotlines. For students applying for a German national visa from India, the German student visa fee goes up to 75 Euros or INR 6275 per adult. Please make sure you arrive on time for your appointment and have your documents prepared and in order as per the checklist. It is possible to book appointments for applications for German passports, consular issues and long term visa applications for family reunion and studies and employment. You have to prove to the airline that the American/Canadian authorities will let you enter the US/Canada. Please also check with your airline if your luggage will be checked through and if you can stay in the international transit area while changing planes. The processing fees charged by the German consulate/embassy varies from one nation to the other. this may take a few moments ...Your request is being processed ... please wait ... refreshing this page will delay your booking. Step I: Book your Visa Appointment here. 2. If you are planning to travel via Germany including a domestic flight (e.g. More regular repatriation flights with Air France are planned from Delhi to Paris, Mumbai to Paris and Bangalore to Paris. Bangalore; Click here to make an online account and schedule your visa appointment. To reduce quarantine time, a negative Covid-19 test, taken not earlier than on the 5th day after arrival, can be presented to the local Health Authority (Gesundheitsamt). German Consulate General Bengaluru Every German Mission in the U.S. requires that you schedule an appointment via the Online Appointment System for the application of a visa, a passport or identification card.If you would like to apply for both a passport and an identification card, you need to book two appointments, one for each document. To find out where to submit your application, see your instruction guide.. Case specific: Use this Web form to:. The contact details can be found on the website of the Indian Embassy in Berlin. For visa information please contact the Embassy of Switzerland in New Delhi. Book an appointment online on the available date and time slot. Implementation timeframe: Immediate and ongoing. Please check the “upcoming repatriation flights” above for more information on the occasional special chartered repatriation flights by some European airlines, which can be booked online. Select your nearest German embassy under 'Appointments for German National Visas'. { ISO 9001 : 2008 CERTIFIED , We are found with the aims to provide genuine guidance and right pathway to our clients by assisting them with visa requirements to various destinations. Current information can be obtained from the website of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior. However, under the consular section, the consulate will remain open only for emergency cases and for application and collection of German passports. ). For those of you in Bangalore, visit Deutsche Bank at Raheja Towers, 26-27, M. G. Road, Bangalore 560 001. I urge you to read fully as it contains some tips which may be helpful. In order to be informed directly by us about the current situation, we recommend German citizens to register in our crisis preparedness list at Please enter your complete search term. 2. If you have any questions about visas, you may send your inquiry to or call them at – 91-120-484-4644, 91-40-4625-8222 and 1-703-520 … 2nd & 3rd Floor, “Cash Pharmacy Building”, Corner St. Marks & Residency Road, Bangalore 560025. Appointments can only be booked online with the German Foreign Office. Provided there are capacities available, these flights are bookable directly on the KLM Website. short term Schengen visas for business purposes, visits, holidays or honouring official or private … There is a specialized department for the handling of visas. The Indian Government has suspended all international scheduled flight operations until further notice. 3 BeschV! Proof of onward ticket must be presented. Due to the pandemic, the German Missions in the U.S. can only provide a limited number of appointments. Additional service charges apply. Please book through a regular computer. Please click here to book an online appointment. Due to limited processing capacities under Covid-19 only the following categories are eligible: National (long term) visa • Students with a German scholarship • PhD students (also when employed at a German university/research institution) I went through lots of struggle starting from Visa Slots, Paper work and confusion about Federal Agency etc. Contact the German Consulate General Bengaluru, Accessibility: Limited access to the building on a wheelchair. All applicants are required book an appointment online to submit their visa application at the Joint Schengen visa application center. Travelers are advised to check on detailed procedure with the respective airline as well as on quarantine measures or special regulations of the respective Indian States/Union territories in advance. Information on international transit of non-EU citizens can be found here under “Airport Transit”. Since 21 October 2020, entry to India by water or air with newly issued visas except for tourism is possible. Please keep yourself informed on the Indian government’s websites and on social media, as well as through the Federal Foreign Office’s travel advice for India via the smartphone app “Sicher Reisen”. You can also schedule the appointment online through the website of the German Consulate in Bangalore. -  or if you have already visited your partner in Germany (please submit a scan of your previous Schengen visa and entry stamps). Let me welcome you to the website of the German Consulate General in Bengaluru. Who is affected: People applying for national visas at the German Consulate in Bangalore. German visa for tourism is also known as a German Schengen visa. Green card) are exempted from the need of an Airport-Transit Visa. Please note that the onward journey to Germany (flight ticket or train ticket) must already be booked before departure. for job seekers, or if requirements for the above-mentioned requirements for employment and study visas are not being met. ; Opening hours As much as we understand these concerns and sympathize with you for the difficulties caused, it is also important to be realistic and transparent in what ‘Team India’ (Embassy and our 4 General Consulates) can do for you in this situation. Here you will find information on any eventually planned repatriation flights by other European governments from India to Europe._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. i. Proof of onward ticket is of course mandatory. Appointment at the Consulate General in Edinburgh. As per current information the international commercial aviation traffic continues to be halted until further notice. The following information on the situation for stranded German tourists and short-term travelers who are still in India is available: The federal government's repatriation program has concluded. 1.Short-term (Category “C”) Visa – Schengen Visa for Business, Leisure, family visit2.Other Long-term (Category “D”) Visa, e.g. Generally all applicants for visas must book an appointment through the Online Appointment system of the German Embassy (i.e. But please be aware that due to their non-commercial nature, relief-flight restrictions by the airline or by Indian aviation authorities might apply on who can board such flights!Additionally repatriation flights with Air India are bookable via the airline's website. If found, such PROHIBITED items will be taken from the applicant, as FORBIDDEN items to be carried inside the embassy or consulate. The German Consulate will be closed on 24. and 25.12.2020 as well as on 31.12.2020 and 01.01.2021. Cancellation of March 2021 nonimmigrant visa appointments: Due to scheduling changes, the Nonimmigrant Visa Unit of the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi is unable to honor appointments scheduled for March 2021. Schengen C-visa appointments must be booked at Please keep in mind that the following general criteria have to be met: -  The visa category is short-term. Hi Everyone, I recently moved to Germany with National Visa for Work Permit. Given below is how you can book a Schengen German Visa appointment from Bangalore: All visa applications have to be sent through VFS Global. A 10 day home quarantine is mandatory. Germany Schengen Visa from Bangalore. National D-visa appointments must be booked by contacting our service provider VFS Global at 022 – 6786 6013 (Monday to Friday 08:00 am to 17:00) or e-mail Let me explain the scenario first and then give you the solution. Tech-City! Indians with resident permits or D-Visa of Non-Schengen countries generally need an Airport-Transit or Transit Visa to travel through Germany. The Indian government has announced a partial re-commencement of domestic flights from 25th May 2020 onwards. Go to the official Appointment-System of the German Foreign Office — Bangalore where you can select National visa application. Visas/permits affected: National visa types. Let me explain the scenario first and then give you the solution. Contact details for the French consulate general in Bangalore; The consulate general of France in Bangalore is located at 21 Palace Road, Vasanthnagar and can be contacted by telephone on 80 2214 1200 as well as by email [email protected] and [email protected]. Violation of registration and quarantine requirements can lead to a fine of up to 25.000 €. To book a visa appointment at German Embassy, Delhi, you need to call this number: 022-67866013 or you can also book your appointment only. Please note that you always need an appointment to apply for a German passport. If it is found that you might be eligible to apply, an appointment will be given to you. Conducting visa interviews: The Consulate conducts interviews for the visa applicants whenever required. The German Consulate would like to announce the following update to its visa services: Only for applications for an employment visa according to § 81a AufenthG (fast track procedure with pre-approval from immigration office in Germany): Please contact the Consulate General directly via e-mail at, indicating your name, the purpose of your trip, … Welcome to the Germany Visa Application Centre. Permanent residence permit (“Niederlassungserlaubnis”)3. As for visa, work or student issues, it is advisable to contact your employer, university, landlord, etc., in order to see how to prepare for the days when commercial flights reopen again. 1. If a visa interview is cancelled, the applicant will receive an SMS and/or email notification and may reschedule at their convenience. To make an appointment online please visit their website: BOOK AN APPOINTMENT Indian passport holders with residence permit or national visa for the US or Canada (e.g. I went through lots of struggle starting from Visa Slots, Paper work and confusion about Federal Agency etc. Please check here if you will need a transit visa or if an exception applies. { ISO 9001 : 2008 CERTIFIED , We are found with the aims to provide genuine guidance and right pathway to our clients by assisting them with visa requirements to various destinations. Latest visa information and news on travel advisory in the view of Covid-19. This pandemic, in many aspects, has entered uncharted territory, so it requires flexibility and patience, but most of all, understanding that our main priority must be to fight the virus as efficiently as possible. The consulate general of Germany in Bangalore is supervised by the embassy in New Delhi. Chennai Long-term (Category “D”) visa for study purposes as long as the studies cannot be carried out completely from abroadWe recommend bringing corresponding proof (e.g. For these appointments, please continue down the page for the “Book your appointment here” link. National (long term) visa•    Students with a German scholarship•    PhD students (also when employed at a German university/research institution)•    Post Doc studies•    Guest scientists•    Master students with an unconditional acceptance letter from a German university, BA students with school leaving certificate of 90% or better•    Employment with pre-approval letter from the German Labor Agency•    Blue Card•    Health Care Professionals•    Family Reunion•    Re-entry visa due to expired German residence permit•    Au Pair•    Specialty Cooks. - Additional proof of your relationship should be made available regarding the duration of your relationship and when and where personal visits have taken place. Foreigners in Germany who have arrived on 17.03.2020 or later with a Schengen Visa are exempt from the requirement of a resident permit from the expiration date of their visa until 30.09.2020.Competent for renewal after this date are the local aliens offices (Ausländerbehörden). German visa for tourism is also known as a German Schengen visa. Currently, visa appointments appear to be booked through June. For Visa Questions To schedule an appointment for a visa, click here . : Applications for Schengen visa should be submitted at the VFS Schengen Application Center (address:Global Tech Park,No 11 First Floor O’ Shaughnessy Road, Langford Town, Bangalore 560025). In 2006, the Consulate opened new visa application centres at Chennai, Hyderabad and Kochi. Flights within India have resumed from May 25th, 2020 onwards. Cancel an Appointment: To cancel an appointment, user need to have the reference number with valid future appointment. While the German Missions’ visa sections remain closed to the general public until further notice, it may be considered if an exceptional appointment can be conceded for short-term visits of long-distance relationship partners. Information about the changed visa procedure Please note that due to COVID-19 our Embassy's capacity to accept and process visa applications is limited. All travellers from Covid-19 risk countries, such as India, must register on before entering Germany. There may be delays depending on the number of applications, or in some cases depending on the specific situation of the applicant. Entry by water or air with visas that had stood suspended as of 13 March 2020 is also possible, provided the visa is still valid, except for electronic visa, tourist visa and medical visa. Please find further information on immigration/quarantine in India below._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

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